The last nine years running have been of lessons, lessons and more lessons. During this period I have been open. Open to explore, to learn, to sample and try new ideas. New ways of living. New friends. New places. New schools of thoughts. I have been keen to listen. Listen to many people. Old and young. Male and female. I have loved. I have opened my mind to others. Family, close friends, loved ones, strangers and acquaintances. The lessons from this. Galore. Lessons no other person could teach me but only experience.

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Now it has come that time. I know it in the inside of me. To organize and bring out what I have learnt over these years of growing up. To organize these lessons and package myself for the greatness ahead. The greatness I hear many people whom I meet in this life tell me about. The greatness I am destined for. The greatness that many people who know me well keep on hammering it into me that am destined to. Time to go for it. Time to make the move. Time to grab it. To possess it. Greatness. Time to serve. Why do I know the time is now? Events and happenings. Inner voice. The little one inside. I have also become more cautious and selective. Turning down advances I never thought I could because I feel they wont build me.  They are not opportunities. They are just chances and coincidences.

My father, a man I have a lot of respect for recently opened up freely of his past mistakes. It was not the normal day-to-day conversations him and I have. Came as a surprise as I often than not avoid such conversations with him. I have been for the past few years felt that I may not have been living to his expectation. The talk was special. Deep. Thank God for him. It was clear from the talk. I was ok. I was on a good path but choices be mine to make even when things look like they weren’t working out as planned. Of boys that yearn for approval from their old men. It is what it is. Not at all  wrong. It’s just how we are wired.

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After the conversation, I suddenly saw myself back to that old path of mine. That which I had thought I left so far off that I had written myself off getting  back to it. The not so straight path. The path to a great endings. Path to accomplishing. The path of growth. The narrower path. The one that requires will and grind.  One of not having an option to opt out. I have never felt more sober and stable. More realization that I need to give back now. teach the other generations that came after me of the lessons.  I am grateful to God for enabling me reach thus far. A number of  close friends, relatives and acquaintances are yet to get here I can tell. Others got here and left marks. Others never needed to. Some could not make it thus far in life. Others simply skipped this stage as they were stable since childhood. We all got our wires different I guess.

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